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Tropical version vs. cold water system

Finally times are changing: years of passionate research and development have resulted in the creation of the award winning and patented natural pool filtration system called EcoSplash™, specifically designed to work in the extreme and tropical climates of Australia. It is now possible to create a formal or free form style swimming pool with integrated or adjacent water gardens doubling as filtration beds. As in nature, EcoSplash™ pools are biologically balanced, bringing the refreshing energy of mountain water together with bio diversity into your own garden. No more chlorine or other chemicals! No more contributing to urban salinity every time you backwash your pool. Save power, save and re-use water while saving up to 70% on your pool maintenance energy costs. This system will pay for itself within the initial few years.

A natural, ‘healthy’ pool that’s filtered by nature rather than chemicals is better for everyone – people, animals and the environment.



Following extensive R&D it is now possible to retro-fit the EcoSplash™ System to any existing pool. Customized bio-filter boxes can now be installed to convert existing conventional pools to this award-winning and completely natural water purification system specifically developed for tropical climates. Transform your backyard into a stunningly beautiful, 100% chemical-free swimming oasis, saving water and up to 70% energy when combined with a highly energy efficient pool pump. Place the EcoSplash™ bio-filter right next to your pool, or even in a completely separate area in front of your house. Creating a stunning water feature in their own right, the EcoSplash™ bio-filters allow for utmost flexibility to suit your property design.

The team at Eco Splash will help you decide on the ultimate fit and vision for your swimming oasis.