Pick your Design

The design options are limitless.  We strive to combine your creativity with cutting edge design.

The Eco Splash team will work together with to meet yours and your family’s needs. Your natural pool is built on site as a complete reflection of your vision, needs and expectations. Each one is as individual as its owner: a landscape-integrated freeform pool, geometric shapes or simply the one you always dreamed of: total liberty in shape and design.

Your Eco Splash™ pool will harmoniously match and enhance your overall garden design. The vertical walls separating the swimming area from the shallow filtration zone can incorporate a waterfall or a liner in combination with concrete, natural stone or even timber. Filter beds may be placed adjacent to or apart from pool and can double as a water feature.

Filter Beds are the heart of the Eco Splash System. Combine pool scaping with garden art. You can also choose your look of your garden bed to suit your lifestyle habits. Your filter bed can be wet with aquatic planting growing in a pond like appearance or dry mimicking a dry rock creek bed.

Eco Splash Designs include: Separate / Level Engaged /Risen Engaged /Sunken Engaged /Internal

Please Note-Plants are only a small percentage of how the pool functions and mainly used to polish the water. We use plants that are local to your habitat and environment. Australia has an abundant amount of plant options.