The Team Behind the Idea

Recognising a definite trend towards environmentally friendly and economically sustainable swimming pool systems our extensive market research lead to research and development of A never been adapted Tropical System the Eco Splash System the ESS.

In 1995 a specialist team was formed with pool builder Joe Spelta being the driving visionary along with Hendrik Schoor the creator of Eco Splash and the Technical Director supporting the development of the ESS and its patented tropical adaptation along with German specialists from one of Europe's leading natural pool companies. The company is managed by Amanda Flanagan a marketing specialist plus two sales experts complete the team.

  • The Visionary

    The Visionary

    A successful pool builder since 1978, Joe recognised the need, started the research and did not take 'No' for an answer. His reputable pool construction company Placid Pools is the first Australian dealer trained and authorised to apply and install Eco SplashTMtechnology.

  • The Creator

    The Creator

    Sustainable pool lover  and technical advisor for tropical natural pools. His passion is drinking the water!

    known as the Jaques Cousteau of the pool world!

  • The Doctor

    The Doctor

    Our graduate German biological godfather of the EcoSplashTM System, technical expert, engineer and partner

  • The Guru

    The Guru

    Our German godfather expert in cold climate natural pool filtration systems, technical expert and partner

  • The Pioneer

    The Pioneer

    The builder of the pioneering system, supporting the team from the start with his practical expertise and hands-on attitude passed down through his generations

  • The Executer

    The Executer

    Managing the Eco SplashTMLiving Water company with direct industry and HR experience she is a master at keeping us on our toes

  • The Team

    The Team

    Assisting in managing our company and in marketing & sales, keeping us organised

  • Nature


    Our biggest inspiration of all for the ESS is Mother Nature herself