How it works?

The Eco Splash™ System works primarily by replicating nature:

Biomiciry with a splash of advanced technology.

Purifying and balancing swimming pool water by passing it through specific media followed by the plants submerged in the water, which we call ‘filter beds’. These filter beds are the home of what's known as Bio-Film which feeds on the fine particles of nutrient and bacteria in the water.
Micro-organisms are the key players in natural water.

The filter beds consist of specific blends of stones and pebbles to assist in the removal of not only solid debris, but also in removing nutrient in the forms of nitrates, phosphates & ammonia. A technical formula is used to calculate the specific size of the filter bed needed in relation to the size of the swimming area.

Pool water gets passed through these filter beds. Flow rates are calculated dependent on the size of the filter beds. Specific water plants are incorporated into the filter beds to additionally remove nutrients and cleanse the water. Unlike other systems the Eco Splash™ System does not rely on plants as their main bio filter, but is based on its unique and most advanced technology.

A secondary filter system with highest grade glass filtration media is incorporated to skim airborne debris from the pool and hence further reduce nutrient content of the water. As another unique improvement, we are able to utilise the secondary filtration system for maintenance purposes on top of functioning as the general pool cleaning system for vacuuming and cleaning of the filter beds.

-Energy efficient pumps are used with an annual saving of up to 80%, with solar driven pumps being the next stage.