Eco Splash™ Retrofit - the development of the fibreglass bio-filter box - the heart of the EcoSplash™ System makes it possible to retrofit your existing pool.

EcoSplash™ EcoPhos - Removes excess phosphates from your bodies of water… pools, ponds. Approx. 20kg per year for 40,000litre Pool

EcoSplash™ Fish - Selection of appropriate tropical fish available to use in your Eco Splash™ Pool- Minimum order required

EcoSpalash™ Minerals - Trace elements for the Bio Systems (just like vitamins for your body- 2kg per year approx.

EcoSplash™ Food - Assist the building blocks foundations of the bio filter system (building your muscles to work stronger and harder)

EcoSplash™ Cleaners - A selection of Hand-picked Natural Pool cleaners


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