Benefits to You

Organic, natural Eco SplashTM Filtration System

  • No chemicals needed for a healthy water balance
  • Economically & environmentally sustainable
  • 70 % less running costs to a chemical pool
  • Power efficient through eco-friendly technology
  • Water saving through storage and recycling
  • Pays for itself within 2-3 years
  • Living Water - a complete eco system
  • Increased Bio-Diversity by creating a natural habitat for frogs, fish, insects, birds, butterflies
  • Aquatic landscape & soothing aesthetics
    • Lifestyle Advantages
    • Do not require a shower after swimming
    • Go on holidays for months at a time and don’t pay for a pool cleaning service.
  • Up to 90% swimming area, as little as 10% filter zone.
  • Filter beds may be placed apart from pool and can double as a water feature
  • Individually designed to suit your lifestyle
  • Convert your existing pools (retro-fit option) and minimise your carbon foot print
  • Soothing aesthetics: wellness for body and mind


Your Impact - Environmentally Neutral

The EcoSplash™ System creates leading edge environmentally responsible pools, that

  • Save water through storage and re-cycling
  • Save power & lower carbon foot print through low-energy variable speed pumps
  • Do not contribute to ‘urban salinity’ as no pool salts or chemicals are used/flushed out