Eco Splash System

Why Eco Splash?

The reasons why individuals and families choose an Eco Splash pool will vary greatly from person to person. “My skin reacts to chemicals and I cannot swim in chlorinated water” or “I can’t afford the ongoing money to maintain the running of my swimming pool” or for some it aligns with the way they live their life – organic, sustainable, chemical-free etc.

Our first conversion 110,00 litre, when the local pool man dumped the water into nearby wetlands killing the natural habitat and animals an Eco Splash™ was the only option. The running cost of this pool was up to $8000.00 per year and is now down to just over $1000

The bigger the pool the more savings an Eco Splash System saves you.

This is absolute relaxation.

Realise: you are in YOUR OWN backyard, in your own particular paradise, on your own. A sanctum for your senses and your spirit. As your aquatic landscape grows and transforms, your Eco SplashTM System develops: Enjoy the soothing aesthetic stimulation of your water garden creation and increased Bio-Diversity. Create and enjoy your very own nature observatory.

Your living water pool will help you, your family and friends to better connect with nature. In your own backyard, you provide a place of serenity and tranquillity. Enhance your home with a peaceful natural environment. Why leave the comfort of your home to swim in a pristine rainforest rock pool or natural creek? Simply step outside, dip your feet in the water. Observe the light dancing on its surface. Quietness. Stillness.

"Eco SplashTM System - not only the natural alternative to conventional chemical swimming pools, but revolutionising outdoor entertainment."